Book Design Time!

Now that my book is in the hands of a few select editors, I am going to focus on the most important part of the book… the cover!

I mean, we all judge books by their covers, right?

I figure a good way to distract myself from thinking about other eyes constructively criticizing my baby is to keep my focus on what I’d like for a book cover.  I’ve had some ideas over the months of writing, but now that the writing is actually done, I can get a better picture in my head.  The great, but also terrible, thing about this is that there are numerous ways I can go with the cover.  Being an indecisive person most of the time… well, this doesn’t help me at all.

A few cover mock-ups have been made, and by a few, I mean two.  There are other ideas that I want to play with first before I start making decisions.

In the meantime, I’m just having fun designing the possible covers.


Off to the Editors We Go!

This weekend Standing By will get into the hands of a few select editors.  Mind you, since I’m going along the self-publishing route, I’m not using professional editors.  Instead, I’m using the connections that I do have – English majors and librarians.  I’m a little apprehensive to let new eyes see my book, but I’m sure that’s how all writers feel.  Even the vets.

I can’t say how long this part will take.  Again, this is my first rodeo along the lines of actually going through with getting something published.  I suppose this depends on how fast my first set of editors read and how many mistakes or problems they catch (though I hope it’s not many.  I did just go through a brief self-editing period to spruce it up).

To keep myself busy while other eyes are looking over my work, I’ll take some time to properly work on a cover and get myself familiar with the self-publishing process (more so than I have).

I’m getting real excited about this!



Welcome one and all to my writing website!

Let’s start with how you ended up here.  Since I just launched the site, you probably came from my personal blog – – or one of my social media sites where I just posted the link.  This means I probably have some idea of who is viewing my site right now.  Of course, if you’re here sometime after the first of June, then I’m assuming you found me later on and I probably have no idea who you are.

Let me give you a brief introduction.  I’m Tabitha G. Kelly, a writer of young-adult fiction, but you can call me Tabby.  One of these days I’ll tell you the reasoning behind my pen-name, but today is not that day.  All you need to really know is that I love writing, reading, and I’m a librarian.  If you wish to know more, go on and click that “about me” tab up on the top of the site.

I am currently writing my first book, Standing By.  To be more accurate, I’ve finished the first, and very rough, draft of it.  Now it’s onto the editing, re-writing, and revising phase before I release this baby into the public.  I’m planning to post updates as I’m going through this process so that you know I’m hard at work on this and haven’t given up on it.

So, that is all I have for you now, my friends.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens next!