Cover Voting

Well friends, it looks like I'm gong to need your help! I've come up with a number of different book covers for Standing By, but it's hard for me to choose my top favorite.  I have at least been able to eliminate a few, leaving me with four options left.  This is where I'm going … Continue reading Cover Voting

Book Design Time!

Now that my book is in the hands of a few select editors, I am going to focus on the most important part of the book... the cover! I mean, we all judge books by their covers, right? I figure a good way to distract myself from thinking about other eyes constructively criticizing my baby … Continue reading Book Design Time!


Welcome one and all to my writing website! Let's start with how you ended up here.  Since I just launched the site, you probably came from my personal blog - - or one of my social media sites where I just posted the link.  This means I probably have some idea of who is … Continue reading Welcome!