Alexander Charles Thomson Jr.

“The unicorn Bit gave it away.”

Alex is the only child of Sarah Thomson and her late husband, Alex Sr.  The only impact of his father’s early death was that Alex did not grow up with any biological siblings, but those positions were filled in by the children of the family across the street.  This resulted in his lasting friendship with Julie Williams.

Growing up as an only child, Alex found himself relying on his imagination in his time alone, whether it was entering the universes of the books he read or creating some of his own.  Not like any other children his age, Alex began keeping a log of all the books he’s read at a young age and still likes to reread some of his childhood favorites once in a while.  His friends often tease that he actually lives in the library since he can always be found with a book in hand.

Aside from books, Alex is a lover of sports and likes to learn all he can about them.  While he enjoys most, if not all, sports, he does have his favorites – soccer, baseball, and hockey.  He enjoys going to professional baseball and hockey games with Billy and any other of his friends who will go.

Out of all his friends, Alex tends to be the most rational when faced with a problem.  He’ll take some time to analyze the situation before attempting to solve it, whether it’s his own problem or one of his friend’s.

  • DOB: July 31st, 2001
  • Hometown: Clearmont, CT
  • Current town: Clearmont, CT
  • Height: 5’7 1/2″
  • Family:
    • Alex Thomson Sr. (father/deceased)
    • Sarah Thomson (mother)