Standing By

Surviving high school is full of emotional twists and turns, isn’t it?

After his parents divorced, Eric Hudson vowed that he’d never let himself fall in love.  Love will only lead to a broken heart. So it’s fortunate that Eric is just as good at protecting his heart as he is the goal on the soccer field.

Julie Williams faces her problems with the same force that makes her the star forward on the soccer team.  But with such a sharp focus on the goal, she is sometimes oblivious to what’s right in front of her.

Junior year brings on the greatest challenge of high school so far, and it has nothing to do with the state championship.  As one begins to fall for their teammate and the other becomes smitten with the new student, Eric and Julie soon find themselves trapped on an emotional roller-coaster that neither of them wanted to be on.

And it might require more than their soccer skills to survive the ride.

They might need each other.

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