Clyde Wesley Williams

“Wash the truck, Not Me!”

Clyde is the fourth child of five in the Williams family and the most hyper.  From a young age his parents decided he should join different activities to help with his excess energy, and Clyde took to the sports well.  His favorite of all of them though was soccer, and he was more than thrilled when his younger sister joined the community team and the two were able to dominate the field together (or as well as small children can, anyway).

Out of all his siblings, Clyde is the closest to Julie, as they are not even quite a year apart in age.  Due to their closeness, Clyde shares some friends with his younger sister, including Rachel and Alex, and if asked he’ll say one of this favorite pastimes is teasing Rachel.  He gets along well enough with Billy and Aubrey, but doesn’t hang out with them unless his sister is present.  When Clyde was in the seventh grade, he met the twins after Rachel introduced them to him, and he immediately became close friends with them, much to his sister’s dismay.

When Clyde entered high school he adapted a vegetarian diet on his own accord.  He had never been big on eating meat in the first place, so it hadn’t been hard for him to cut it from his diet.  Luckily for him, Eric was already a vegetarian himself, so the two were able to bond more over that.  This was about the time that Clyde started cooking more of his own meals, though he’d always been the first to volunteer to help his mom in the kitchen.  He eventually surpassed her cooking skills after taking a few lessons from the twins’ dad.

At some point in high school Clyde decides he wants to become an athletic trainer and get trained to help athletes overcome sports injuries.  He ends up going to Liberty University along with the twins’ sister, Jenny, to study in this field.

  • DOB: January 23rd, 2000
  • Hometown: Clearmont, CT
  • Current town: Clearmont, CT
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Family:
    • Mike Williams (father)
    • Cindy Williams (mother)
    • Ashley Williams-McCowen (sister)
    • Becky Williams (sister)
    • Zach Williams (brother)
    • Julie Williams (sister)
    • Kyle McCowen (brother-in-law)
    • Landon McCowen (nephew)
  • Other Facts:
    • Enjoys acting in drama club