Eric Elliot Hudson

“But if my life were to be a movie, it most definitely would not be a romantic comedy – more like a dramatic comedy. A dramedy.”

Since childhood, Eric has shown passion for two things in life – soccer and art.  He began playing soccer at age four with his twin brother, Seth, in a community league and fell in love with the sport.  Drawing and painting were interests that came later in life as an escape from his parents’ separation and eventual divorce.

After his mom left, Eric became bitter toward the idea of love as a whole, as well as his mother.  He blames her solely for the divorce and ruining their family, so after his father moved them across the country to Clearmont, CT, Eric cut off all communication with his mom, going as far as to ignore her texts and slip out of the room when she called.

Eric gets along with almost anyone, but is wary of those who seem to have shady motives.  He and Seth immediately befriended Rachel DeCarlo on their first day at Clearmont Middle School, and later became friends with Clyde and Alex.  Eric would have become friends with Julie as well, if it hadn’t been for her reaction to the twins joining the soccer team mid-season.  Since then, the two had an ongoing rivalry which forced them to push themselves harder on the soccer field and resulted in them becoming co-captains of the co-ed team in high school.

  • DOB: October 31st, 2000
  • Hometown: Seattle, WA
  • Current town: Clearmont, CT
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Family:
    • David Hudson (father)
    • Eleanor “Ellie” Hudson (mother)
    • Jenny Hudson (sister)
    • Seth Hudson (twin brother)
  • Other Facts:
    • He is 13 minutes older than Seth
    • Has been a vegetarian since age eleven
    • Hates Valentine’s Day