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These are the links to my posts from my personal blog, orangeowldiaries.  My posts on there vary – tags, book reviews, personal stories, etc.

  • Standing By – Deleted Scene
    Originally posted on Tabitha G. Kelly: I’m a fan of watching deleted scenes from movies.  It’s interesting to see what doesn’t make the final cut of a movie because sometimes they really can add to the story, and the only reason they were cut was due to time constraints.  Other times the scenes just didn’t…
  • Christmas Playlist – 2019 Edition
    It’s been a few months… and honestly I have no idea how that happened.  I’ve just been busy with, well, life I suppose.  That happens though.  In any case, I hope you all have been having a good few months and a good start to the holiday season! A couple years ago I shared a … Continue reading Christmas Playlist – 2019 Edition
  • Two Lion King Songs I’ve Been Gushing Over
    I’ve been gushing over these songs and their music videos since I’ve seen/heard them.  As always, Pentatonix rocks every cover they perform… I’m still in shock that it’s just their voices despite listening to them for years now.  And Sofia Carson’s voice is just pure amazing in the Spanish rendition of The Circle of Life. … Continue reading Two Lion King Songs I’ve Been Gushing Over
  • I Actually DNF’d Three Books!
    That’s right… I threw three books into the DNF pile this month!  I’m actually proud of myself because I’ll usually suffer through to finish even if I’m not liking a book.  I’ve done that so many times and I’m just sick of it.  Although… there was one book this month I read all the way … Continue reading I Actually DNF’d Three Books!
  • Me as a Writer: The Writer’s Tag
    Hey all, I’m still trying to ease my way back into regular blogging, but I always seem to be doing something else and don’t think of it until I’m lying in bed trying to fall asleep.  Oh well, it happens, right? Anyway, I found this tag over at Me and Ink and decided it would … Continue reading Me as a Writer: The Writer’s Tag
  • Treading Goodreads Carefully
    I’ve come to realize in my years of using Goodreads is that I need to be careful with it.  Not in the same way you need to be careful with Facebook or Twitter though.  What I mean is that I have recently noticed that I can be highly influenced by the ratings and reviews on … Continue reading Treading Goodreads Carefully
  • When the Library Loses Internet
    Panic.  Chaos.  Disaster. Well, not really, but some people did freak out. The other day at work our Internet connection went out at around two-thirty in the afternoon, which is about three and a half hours before we closed.  Let me tell you, it was a long three hours. At first, it didn’t seem like … Continue reading When the Library Loses Internet
  • Anything But Books Tag
    My blog isn’t totally centered around books, or at least it wasn’t created for that, but I have been mainly blogging about books or my writing life, so I thought I’d take a little break from that with this tag that I found! This tag was originally created by Katie from ReadorRot and I found it … Continue reading Anything But Books Tag
  • Mid-Year Reading Report
    Well guys, I did my Goodreads Challenge for the year in just six months! Honestly, I would’ve finished earlier, but I had a major reading slump in April and May.  It was a bit upsetting to not feel like reading, but I was also finishing school in April and was just drained after that.  I … Continue reading Mid-Year Reading Report
  • Harry Potter Book Tag
    So I found this tag over at Lau Reads and I couldn’t resist doing it myself.  Like most of us, I love Harry Potter and will just about always do a tag or quiz that is based off of it.  So here we go! – What Hogwarts house are you in? Ravenclaw – What is … Continue reading Harry Potter Book Tag