School Visits

Last week was a bit crazy for me.  I had reached out to the librarians at the two high schools in town and the middle school about my book and to see if they’d like it in their collection.  I got an almost immediate response from the librarian at my old high school, saying he’d love to have a copy and for me to stop in so he could get a picture to put on display.  Then I got a response from the middle school librarian a few days later.

So Monday I went to my old high school and it was great being there again.  I know most people wouldn’t say that, but I did actually enjoy high school and loved every second of it.  I also went to a tech school, so I spent half of my time in shop (Drafting) and the other half in regular academics.  After visiting with the librarian (who was there when I was a student 10 years ago) and dropping off my book, I went to visit my old shop teachers and a few others who are still at the school and will be retiring this year.

Then Thursday I went with the Children’s librarians from work up to the middle school.  They had an outreach for the sixth graders, so the middle school librarian thought it would be a good idea if I went along to promote my book (since the three of us are coworkers).  So I spent the school day up there talking to sixth graders about my book, how it was at the middle school that I fell in love with writing, and telling them at the book will be available at their school.  Some sixth graders were responsive and even asked some questions about writing and publishing, but you know, they’re sixth graders and it’s the end of the school year.  They just want summer.

Standing By at the middle school – where my characters were born

It was just surreal this week.  I spent a lot of time writing with the characters of Standing By at both of these schools, and now the characters have a place on the shelves in an actual novel.  I guess this is one of those things where I have to say that dreams really do come true if you really work for it… because, well… they do!

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