Don’t Miss the Short Stories!

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well and staying safe! Who would've thought we'd be facing something like this in the new year? Though it feels like we've lived at least six months of 2020, not three and a half. It's a bit crazy in the word, so I come bearing some good news. I've … Continue reading Don’t Miss the Short Stories!

Character bios are here!

Since publishing Standing By I'd been contemplating whether I should publish short bios of my characters or not.  While I didn't expect to continue writing with these characters, I'm thinking their stories aren't completely done.  There might be a follow-up or some spin-offs in the future, but nothing solid yet. In any case, whether these … Continue reading Character bios are here!

Writing Tools

Hello friends of the book world! If you're anything like me, you probably wonder what the writing process is like or what tools your favorite writers use.  I'm always researching new tools to help with my productivity since there are always new ones coming out that are more advanced than others.  So I thought that … Continue reading Writing Tools