Off to the Editors We Go!

This weekend Standing By will get into the hands of a few select editors.  Mind you, since I’m going along the self-publishing route, I’m not using professional editors.  Instead, I’m using the connections that I do have – English majors and librarians.  I’m a little apprehensive to let new eyes see my book, but I’m sure that’s how all writers feel.  Even the vets.

I can’t say how long this part will take.  Again, this is my first rodeo along the lines of actually going through with getting something published.  I suppose this depends on how fast my first set of editors read and how many mistakes or problems they catch (though I hope it’s not many.  I did just go through a brief self-editing period to spruce it up).

To keep myself busy while other eyes are looking over my work, I’ll take some time to properly work on a cover and get myself familiar with the self-publishing process (more so than I have).

I’m getting real excited about this!

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