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Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Tabitha G. Kelly, though most people call me Tabby.  I am a writer of young adult fiction and work with books five days a week (then I go home to my own personal library).

Here on my little corner of the web you can check out my book, Standing By, which is available on Amazon now.You can also just explore my site and check out either of my blogs and connect with me on social media.

Now that I have (finally) finished school I can concentrate more on writing and getting my work out there for the masses of YA lovers to read.

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What people are saying about Standing By


Great read! Very well written, the characters draw you in and the main story-line is very relatable for all ages. – Alisha P.

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Our daughter absolutely loved this book. She said she hopes there is a sequel to it. Perfect for any age but great for kids in middle or high school. – Jason and Nicole C.

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Tabitha Kelly’s first book is one you don’t want to miss! Packed with engaging and relatable characters, realistic settings, brisk banter and a heartfelt story-line, this is a novel that both teens and adults will enjoy for years to come.  Kudos to Miss Kelly for bringing a quality, redeeming tale to the sometimes-tawdry world of YA lit.  I hope it is the first of many. – Jess R.

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The characters are both well developed and drill down deeper than a lot of mainstream books on the market now. I loved the romance story and even found myself caught off guard once or twice, which was a delight. I definitely recommend this book to pre-teens and up. – Tiffany S.

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A fantastic YA book! It’s written beautifully. The characters are funny, and relatable. It’s super sweet and definitely a must read, I strongly recommend it! – Jordan B.