Character bios are here!

Since publishing Standing By I’d been contemplating whether I should publish short bios of my characters or not.  While I didn’t expect to continue writing with these characters, I’m thinking their stories aren’t completely done.  There might be a follow-up or some spin-offs in the future, but nothing solid yet.

In any case, whether these characters are found in future books or not, I thought it would be fun to share a little extra information on them.  After all, authors spend a lot of time with backstory for their characters – I know I did with mine, especially since I’ve spent sixteen years with them.  I often wonder about my favorite characters from the books I read, what their full stories are, and sometimes I wish more authors would publish little bios of their babies.

However, I can only control what I do, so as of now you can view six bios of my characters from Standing By (more are on their way).  It’s a little insight to these characters, along with Bitmoji versions of them (since I cannot draw to save my life or anyone else’s), and I hope my readers enjoy this bonus content!

So you can go ahead and click the above screenshot of the character bios page and start reading the little bios of the characters of Standing By!

More bios are coming as I prepare them, so be on the lookout!

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